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Cote Village

820 Cummings Highway, Mattapan

Cote Village is an apartment, retail and office complex dedicated as workforce housing (housing that is affordable to workers, often those designated as essential,
and in close proximity to their place of work) and for families and individuals whose earnings are 60% or less of the Boston area median household income.

Cote Village Development project.jpg

CICD, in partnership with the Boston Planning Office for Urban Affairs, was selected by the City
of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development to redevelop the 2.5-acre city-owned parcel
of land. The land is located near the newly-built Cummings Highway Commuter Rail Station
(on the Fairmount Line).

Cote Village consists of:

• 52 apartments

• 1,200 sq. ft. of retail space

• 1,000 sq. ft. of office space for CICD

It also includes:

• 7,000 sq. ft. for a pre-teen center

• 59 parking spaces

• An active desk area for residents and
   occasional community use

• 52 Units

• Approximately 86,635 GSF

• $31 million Total Development Cost

• Target completion date: Summer 2021

• Financed with 4% Tax Credits,

   MHFA Workforce Housing, MHFA Tax

   Exempt, City of Boston NHT, DHCD

   and deferred developer fee

• 60% AMI and below/Workforce units


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